MammaHen.org is a new website that I started to benefit homeless people. I am doing this in the only way that I physically can, by crocheting scarves to help to keep them a little bit warm in the cold weather.

Because I have diabetic neuropathy in my hands and fingers, I have a hard time knowing just how loosely or how tightly I am holding something, as in a crochet hook. This fact makes it hard to crochet very many things, there-go the reason why I only crochet scarves for the homeless. I feel that it’s the least that I can do. My slowness makes it hard to do more than one scarf per week. Only making 52 scarves in a year is not very many, when you consider how many homeless people there are out there. But I do it because I want to help, and it is about the only thing that I can do to help them.

I am on total disability, and therefore do not have extra money to be able to donate to any of the homeless people. I have always felt that it was not right to give to one person if there were a lot of homeless people around.

With this website, I want to invite other people to join me in my quest to crochet scarves for the homeless. If by chance you know how to crochet hats, I am sure that they would be greatly appreciated also. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to crochet hats so I have to stick to scarves.

The scarves are 7 inches wide and 60 inches long. Single crochet is the only stitch that I know how to do, but if you know how to do other stitches and would like to put some variety in the scarves, you are welcome to do so, just as long as they all stay basically the same size, 7 inches by 60 inches. Any and all colors and combinations of colors are acceptable. Needless to say, the more the better, because that means that that many more homeless people will be warmer due to your and my efforts.

If you are interested in helping out, Please see below:

If you have a question please email me at: bonnie@mammahen.org

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