Progress Update – March 18, 2017

I didn’t manage to finish the turquoise scarf last night, but I did finish it today. The picture is below.


My next scarf will either be navy blue or black. Those are the only two colors of yarn that I have left. I had started out making scarves for friends, but then I decided to make them for the homeless and tell my friends that I made a scarf in their honor and donated it to the homeless. These are the only colors of skeins of yarn that I have left from last year. I have two black skeins and one navy blue skein. I will probably do the navy blue one first and hope that I will be able to get some brighter colors of yarn by the time I finish with it. I don’t get to WalMart that often, and that is where I get my yarn from.

I will let you know when I finish my next scarf, just like I have with all of the other scarves. Until then hope everybody stays healthy. Spring is coming.

Update And Progress Report Since February 19

Sorry I haven’t been on this site since February 19, but I have been having problems with my health. During the beginning of March, I even had to be rushed to the hospital due to a very bad kidney infection. The doctors put me on some strong medicine, and I am doing fine now.

I did keep crocheting, just didn’t feel much up to sitting at my computer. However, during that time I completed two more scarves. On February 24, I completed the lilac one that I started right after the hot pink one was finished. There is a picture below of the lilac one.

Then I started on a red one. With being sick, it did take me longer to finish it though. On March 9, I finished the red scarf. The picture is below.

I am now working on a turquoise one and should be finished with it by tomorrow. I will post a picture of it on the progress update for then.