Special Notice About Items Available For Sale

In my post on August 29, 2017, I told all of my readers about items I am crocheting* to sell for different donation amounts. I have to add shipping and handling to all sales. All of the donations received for these sale items will go right back into the project for mailing supplies, like the plastic bags and the mailing envelopes, and more yarn, to make more scarves for the homeless. I have put aside crocheting the scarves for this month only, and am making the holiday coasters, pot holders, and trivets so that I will have them available whenever someone contacts me about buying any of them.

I will start back on the postings about each scarf as I finish it when I start back on crocheting them some time next month. Needless to say, I am going to take advantage of being able to purchase the holiday yarn, and get as many skeins as I can to make the holiday items. I will divide my time on scarves and sale items to keep up with the demand for the sale items. I have to take advantage of being able to raise money for more scarves whenever I can. That being the case, as long as orders are coming in for the holiday items, I will continue to make them. But I will also be making scarves at the same time. The rest of this month, September, is the only time that I will devote to sale items explicitly.

In that former post I mentioned that I was making holiday items from red – white – and green multi colored yarn, and patriotic items, from red – white – and blue  multi colored yarn as well. There is no way to tell how each crocheted item will turn out until the item is finished. See pictures below:

  a picture showing holiday items

You can see each of the three different sizes of holiday items.  The trivet is the top left, the pot holder is top right, and the 4 coaster set is across the bottom. As you can see, no two items are the same.You can also see that the red – white – and green shows up throughout each coaster. There are no coasters that are only two colors. This is due to the way the yarn was dyed. The coasters will be put in sets of 4 as the fourth one is complete.

  a patriotic set of coasters.

You can see that the patriotic coasters turned out completely different from the holiday coasters in that all three colors are not in each of the 4 coasters. There are two coasters that are only red and white, there is one that has all three colors in it and one that is only blue and white. The scarf turned out really different from what I thought it was going to be too. See the picture below:

This pattern was repeated two or three times in the scarf, with there being a few lines of just red and white and then the blue and white together, with a few lines of the red and white again.

The patriotic coasters I made were done from the left over yarn from the patriotic scarf that I made, to give to a homeless person. The left over yarn only made 7 coasters. That means one complete set that I can sell to the first person that contacts me about buying them, and the 3 left over coasters will sit in the box for a long time. I would make more, but the patriotic yarn is no longer available this year, and I don’t know if it will be available next year or not. However, if anybody would be interested in only 3 coasters for a donation of $3.75 plus shipping and handling, then please let me know.

The holiday yarn arrived last month, but I had to wait until my disability was deposited to buy some. Like I pointed out in the earlier post, the coasters are in a set of 4 for a donation of $5 and are 4×4 inches square, the pot holders are sold separately for a donation of $5 each and are 6×6 inches square, the trivets are sold separately for a donation of $10 each and are 7×9 inches rectangular. You may also purchase a complete set of all three items for a donation of $15. This is a savings of $5 over buying each item separately, you just have to say that you want a complete set.

I am planning on having an e-commerce website on mammahen.com, but the website has not been designed yet. I am researching how to set one up, and then I will contact my web host/web designer Staffords Technologies about doing the website. Once the website is finished, any and all pertinent information about items for sale for donation will be on that website. I will make any necessary post to alert my readers to visit that website to obtain the information.


*Sizes are approximate, as the tension in the stitches will vary from item to item. This happens due to several people crocheting the items. I do have templates cut out for each size, and hold each item up to whatever template applies to that item, to make sure that the item is as close as possible to the correct size.


Update to September 9, 2017

As more and more people are finding out about my project for the homeless, I am doing little special projects. One project that I did was to crochet a scarf for the CEO of the umbrella company that my hosting company TinkerHost.com falls under. This is a small way to say “Thank You” to him for all of the time he has and continues to volunteer to do work for me on this website.

It took a few days to come up with the correct colors for the umbrella company Staffords Enterprises. The colors that came the nearest to it turned out to be Glowworm (green) and Boysenberry (a combination of pink, red, and purple best describes it).

I made half of the scarf Boysenberry and the other half of the scarf Glowworm. The scarf was finally finished on September 9, 2017. A picture is below:

Even though it looks purple, it is more red than purple. Needless to say, the CEO loved it and said he will positively start wearing it this winter, and every winter from now on until it wears out. It was well worth the extra time I took with the scarf to do it correctly.

Progress Update – September 2, 2017

I finished the cherry red scarf. It took me longer than my usual 3 days to finish the scarf. For a few days, August 29, 2017 until August 31, 2017, I have been working on updating and improving the website. I started back on the cherry red scarf on September 1, 2017, and finished it today. The picture is below:

The scarf in the picture actually looks more pink than it does cherry red. Believe me when I say that it is red. My phone camera doesn’t do a very good  job on making the colors be true to life.

Update On August 29, 2017 Post

In case you didn’t notice it, the main name of the organization has changed from MammaHen.org to MammaHen Foundation. You will still put the www.mammahen.org in the https:// line to get to the website, but the main name will be different. Things are really looking up for the MammaHen Foundation. since I am crocheting items for donations, in order to purchase more yarn, I have decided to change my slogan. The new slogan will be “Crocheting For The Homeless.” Even though the coasters, trivets, and pot holders will not be handed out to the homeless, the fact is that any money made by selling the items will indirectly go back to the homeless. It will be in the form of more yarn to make more scarves, which will in turn benefit the homeless.

My web host/web designer tinkerhost.com has completed all of the testing he was doing to make sure all websites and options are working. This means that the donation button, pay pal page, and the email are all working properly. When someone wants to make a donation and they select the donation button, it will automatically take you to the pay pal donation page. You don’t have to worry about your information being secure because it is SSL encrypted, just notice the green lock on the line where you enter the name of the website you want to go to. Once on this page you may use your credit card or your debit card to make a donation, and to select whether you want the donation to go towards the Not For Profit certification or towards more yarn for scarves. Rest assured that once I have the Not For Profit certification, even if that option is selected, the donation will go towards purchasing more yarn. I am not the type of person that would use money marked for one thing for something other than what it was marked. But even if I don’t have any yarn, if the donation is marked for the certification, it will not be used for yarn, if I do not already have the certification.