Progress Update – November 30, 2017

I just finished the Amethyst scarf. The pictures are below. I say pictures because there are two of them. The first picture is from my phone camera, and the second picture is from my friend’s phone camera. My friend told me that the color sensor is off in my phone camera and unfortunately it cannot be fixed. You just won’t believe the difference in the two pictures. Here they are:

this is the one from my phone camera. it almost looks like Royal Blue.

this one is from my friend’s phone camera. It actually looks dark purple like it’s supposed to. I can hardly believe the difference in the two pictures. I will have to see if my friend will let me use his camera for the pictures from now on.

Now I will start back on the Light Pink scarf that I stopped working on, on November 22nd and started on the Pumpkin one that I finished on the 26th. I started working on the Amethyst on the 27th of November and just finished it today. Hopefully it won’t take too long to finish the Light Pink one, since it’s almost half done already.

Then, after I finish the Light Pink one, I will start on the Green one. It actually looks like a moss green, but the color on the band around it simply says Green.

If by chance I get some more yarn before I finish the Light Pink one, then I will work on a different color. I will just have to wait and see.


Progress Update – November 27, 2017

I stopped crocheting on the Light Pink scarf about 3 or 4 days into it. For some reason the yarn just seems to be so thin that it is hard for me to work with it. After I finish the last two skeins of yarn, I will go back to it.

When I stopped working on it, I started on one that was Pumpkin colored. I finished that one late last night, November 26, 2017. The picture is below:

  it is actually more orange than what shows here. I just wish my phone camera was more true to color. Unfortunately it’s not, so I just have to show whatever color it shows as the scarf color.

The next scarf that I will start on later today is Amethyst.

I just looked, and the last skein of yarn left after the one I am starting on later today, it is Green. Unfortunately, it is the same name brand as the Light Pink one. I will have to finish the Light Pink one before I start on the Green one. These may be the last two that I will be able to do before time to hand them out for Christmas.

It is sort of surprising that nobody has wanted to order any of the Holiday crocheted items for a donation. If only one person would order a complete set for $15, then I could get 5 more skeins of yarn and not have to worry about the other two until next year. Only time will tell if that happens. I will let you know if someone does order a set for a donation

Progress Update – November 18, 2017

Like I promised, here is the picture of the Delft Blue scarf that I finished yesterday. The picture is below:

  believe it or not, this is supposed to be Delft Blue. It looks grey to me. Now you can see what I mean about my camera not having good color.

The next scarf that I am making will be Light Pink. Just hope the color looks more like pink and not white. Guess we”ll find out when I take the picture.



Progress Update – November 17, 2017

I finally finished the Delft Blue scarf, but will have to post the picture tomorrow. Right after I took the picture, my phone ran out of charge and won’t upload the picture to the internet.

I do have some news though. As it is now getting cold where I am, I was starting to hand out the few scarves that I made for friends out of the left over yarn from the scarves that I had finished making. From the first person that I tried to give the scarf to up to the last one, they all told me to add them to the scarves that I had made for the homeless. So now, instead of having 26 scarves I have 30 scarves for the homeless. There is only one that is a solid color, and that is one that I made for a friend last year after I handed out the seven that I made last year.

The pictures of the scarves that I made from the left over yarn are below:

  this one is the multicolored one from all of the yarn that didn’t fit into a pattern like the blues and greens did.

  this one is the one of the greens. I know that it looks like there is a blue in it, but my phone does not do very well on some colors. The part that looks blue is actually a Teal that looked more green, at the time, to me.

  this is the one of the blues, and again it looks like there is a green in this one, but it’s my phone not taking pictures of colors that are true . The part that looks green is actually Teal Blue.

So these are the three that were made from the left over yarn. The one that is solid is dark purple. A picture is below:

I am still going to make more scarves up until I actually hand them out at Christmas. I can’t imagine that the homeless people get very many presents then, so this will be at least one present that a few will get. I will keep you updated.

Progress Update – November 9, 2017

I have finally finished the Dark Orchid scarf. The picture is below:

Unfortunately, my shoulders are getting quite a bit worse and more painful. There are times that I can hardly hold the crochet hook, let alone to actually crochet. It’s upsetting, but I still make ,myself keep doing the crochet. No matter how long it takes to finish a scarf, I am going to keep on crocheting so I can have as many scarves as possible finished by the time my friend and I hand them out sometime this month.

The color scarf that I am starting on next is a Delft Blue. As usual, I will post a picture as soon as I can upon finishing it. Just a reminder, the holiday coasters, pot holders and trivets are available for a donation of $5 for the set of coasters, $5 for a pot holder, and $10 for a trivet. See picture below:

If you would like a complete set of all three, the donation is $15. All items will have Shipping & Handling added to them. All you need to do is to email me at   

Once I receive the email letting me know which item(s) you want, I will email you back with the amount you will need to pay. There is a Donation button on the first screen you come to. When you press that button, it will take you to my PayPal where you will enter your credit/debit card information, and once I receive the payment, the item(s) will be shipped to you. After the holidays are over, I will take whatever donations I have received and purchase more yarn to make more scarves.

If by chance, you wish to make a donation to help me come up with the money for my Not For Profit certificate or license, I don’t know which one it is called, all you need to do is to let me know how much you are donation toward it, and I will set it aside until I have saved up the $500 that it cost. You will notice the green lock in the URL area. That means that the website is secure, and your card information is safe. The information is not kept on file anywhere. Once it is used to process the payment, the card information disappears.