About Us

MammaHen.org is a new website that I started to benefit homeless people. I am doing this in the only way that I physically can, by crocheting scarves to help to keep them a little bit warm in the cold weather. I say in the only way that I can, because I have many limitations medically, but I try not to let them get me down. You can see a picture below of when I used to work, before they let me go because I was too disabled and having to have too many surgeries.

It is obvious to see that I had braces on all extremities, as I have diabetic neuropathy in all of them. As I no longer work, I no longer wear most of the braces. From time to time I do wear the leg braces. This is necessary whenever my legs are giving me a lot of trouble with pain.

Because of the neuropathy in my hands and fingers, I have a hard time knowing just how loosely or how tightly I am holding something, as in a crochet hook. This fact makes it hard to crochet very many things, there-go the reason why I only crochet scarves for the homeless. I feel that it’s the least that I can do. My slowness makes it hard to do more than one scarf per week. Only making 52 scarves in a year is not very many, when you consider how many homeless people there are out there. But I do it because I want to help, and it is about the only thing that I can do to help them.

I am on total disability, and therefore do not have extra money to be able to donate to any of the homeless people. I have always felt that it was not right to give to one person if there were a lot of homeless people around.