Progress Update – November 9, 2017

I have finally finished the Dark Orchid scarf. The picture is below:

Unfortunately, my shoulders are getting quite a bit worse and more painful. There are times that I can hardly hold the crochet hook, let alone to actually crochet. It’s upsetting, but I still make ,myself keep doing the crochet. No matter how long it takes to finish a scarf, I am going to keep on crocheting so I can have as many scarves as possible finished by the time my friend and I hand them out sometime this month.

The color scarf that I am starting on next is a Delft Blue. As usual, I will post a picture as soon as I can upon finishing it. Just a reminder, the holiday coasters, pot holders and trivets are available for a donation of $5 for the set of coasters, $5 for a pot holder, and $10 for a trivet. See picture below:

If you would like a complete set of all three, the donation is $15. All items will have Shipping & Handling added to them. All you need to do is to email me at   

Once I receive the email letting me know which item(s) you want, I will email you back with the amount you will need to pay. There is a Donation button on the first screen you come to. When you press that button, it will take you to my PayPal where you will enter your credit/debit card information, and once I receive the payment, the item(s) will be shipped to you. After the holidays are over, I will take whatever donations I have received and purchase more yarn to make more scarves.

If by chance, you wish to make a donation to help me come up with the money for my Not For Profit certificate or license, I don’t know which one it is called, all you need to do is to let me know how much you are donation toward it, and I will set it aside until I have saved up the $500 that it cost. You will notice the green lock in the URL area. That means that the website is secure, and your card information is safe. The information is not kept on file anywhere. Once it is used to process the payment, the card information disappears.

Update On Items For Sale For A Donation

As of today, October 4, 2017, I have finished doing the first batch of items available for sale for different donations. I have twelve of each item, meaning 12 sets of coasters – 4X4 (4 to a pack), 12 pot holders – 6X6, and 12 trivets – 7X9. See picture below for sample of each:

The donation amounts for these items are:

Coasters are $5 per set of 4.

Pot holders are $5 each.

Trivets are $10 each.

If someone wants a total set, that includes all three items, the cost will be $15. Shipping and handling will be added to each order.

At the current time, if anyone wants to order anything, they will need to email me and give me the information on what they want along with their name, address, and email address. I will contact them and let them know how to pay for them. A donation button is available that will take them to the PayPal that is attached to the website. There they can make a credit card payment. This site, and therefore the payment process, is totally secure. The reason that I need the person to email me about what they want is that the selection process to add amounts together and come up with a total amount for donation has not been set up yet. My website designer has been very busy with other clients and does not have my new website ready yet. That being the case it will be necessary for me to add the items together and the S&H, and let the person know the total that they will need to donate to receive their order.

As soon as my website designer completes the websites that he is currently working on, he will do the donation process part of the new website and temporarily put it on this website until my whole new website is ready. At that time everything from this website will be moved over to the new website and this one will be deleted. The name will remain the same for the new website as it is on this website. Only the logo and the working of the donation process will be changed. All of the blogs and pictures will be carried over to the new website.