Informational Post – February 3, 2018

On Thursday, February 1st, I saw my orthopedic doctor about starting the surgeries on both of my rotator cuffs. I thought that I was going to be given a date when the first surgery was going to be, or given a date when I was to see the surgeon if the other doctor could not do the surgeries. Well, that’s not exactly what happened.

When the doctor came in, she did an examination of my shoulders and range of motion testing. Upon the examination, she discovered that I have a large tumor on the right side of my back, a cyst that she doesn’t think is malignant, and both of my shoulders are in really bad shape. She went on to let me know that rotator cuff surgery is considered to be elective surgery and sometimes the insurance companies won’t cover it.

Next I had to have some x-rays, and am scheduled to see the surgeon next week on the 6th. He will look at the x-rays and let me know what he finds out and what he decides to do about my having any surgery at all.

At that point, I just started crying, and have been in sort of a daze ever since. For the life of me I can’t understand rotator cuff surgery being considered elective surgery. I am already to the point that I have a hard time doing anything at all. It’s hard for me to get dressed, brush my hair, eat, and/or sleep. I have a hard time even picking up a 12 ounce can of pop. So how can it be considered elective surgery when, if I don’t have it, I will most likely end up in a nursing home and be unable to do anything for myself?

For the most part, I try not to pay attention to my medical issues unless they stop me in my tracks. If I concentrated on everything that’s wrong with me medically, I would go nuts. So, unless somebody specifically asks me, I don’t offer. Unfortunately, this time it has backfired on me. They told me that if I had have decided to have the surgery back in May of 2015 when they first discovered that both shoulders were bad, they probably could have corrected the situation. But since I have waited so long, my shoulders have deteriorated to the point that there may be nothing that the doctors can do.

I am not a quitter, and therefore will press the doctors as hard as I can to have the surgery. First they have to take care of the cyst so that there won’t be any spreading of infection during surgery. They will drain it on Tuesday when I see the surgeon, and most likely put me on antibiotics. Once that has healed, then they will discuss my options further so far as whether or not to do the surgery at all.

Because I have COPD, and some congenital heart defects (that don’t bother me at all), the first doctor said that there is a risk that I won’t come out of the anesthesia. I have had around 30 surgeries and have obviously always come out of the anesthesia, so what’s the big deal about it now? To my way of thinking, a lot of it has to do with the patients’ frame of mind and determination to get better. I have always done better than what was expected of me recuperation wise. When I had my knee replacement, I was doing things in 6 weeks that I wasn’t supposed to be able to do for 6 months. The doctor was shocked, to say the least. I just told him that I did my exercises like I was supposed to do, and even added a few extra times in here and there.

Needless to say, this is all hard to swallow. All I can do is to pray about it myself, ask my family, friends, and you – my readers, to also pray for me if you are praying people. Then I have to trust God that whatever is supposed to happen will happen. I can’t imagine that God would want me to have to stop crocheting the scarves just because of my shoulders. So now all I can do is wait until Tuesday and see what happens.

If you are a praying person, please be praying for me that this will all work out for the best, if it’s God’s will. Thank you in advance for those of you that will be praying for me. Those of you that are not praying people, just keep me in your thoughts that everything will work out the best way possible.

As always, I will keep you informed as quickly as I can. Sorry I had to wait so long to post this. But I have had to come to grips with everything. I will start back crocheting later tonight. I’m a little over half way finished with the Bright Yellow scarf. Hopefully, I will be able to finish it by tomorrow night and start on another one.

Sorry also, that this post is so long, but I am a very detailed person. As with most things, sometimes that is a good trait to have and sometimes it is a bad one. I don’t know which one it is this time. You will have to decide that for yourself.

New Yarn Donation – December 30, 2017

I have been having a few medical problems that have slowed me down slightly. As a result I had to take out over half of the Claret scarf that I was working on. Since the yarn was in a heap on my little table, I started on another Aqua scarf on Thursday, when I had a doctor’s appointment. I have almost two feet on that scarf done and have crocheted the yarn back up that I had to take out because of my mistake. That being the case, I will be done with both of them probably tomorrow, New Years Eve.

Last evening, a friend brought me some more yarn. There are six small skeins that say they are for sport socks, and one giant skein that will probably make at least three scarves and some hats. I’m not sure, because I have never seen a skein so big.

I am so thankful for the yarn. Since I don’t know how to make anything except for square or rectangular items, I am going to add all of the skeins together to make one regular size multi color scarf.

Just an update on the scarf delivery. So far it has continued to be too cold to deliver the scarves. When it gets up to the mid twenties instead of the teens, then we will go out and try to deliver the scarves once again.

Also, since I have found someone that is going to make hats to match the donated yarn I am not going to deliver those scarves next year. I am going to keep them until the hats are made that will match them. When the yarn was donated to me I was told the the three skeins of each color would allow me to make two scarves and hats to match of each color. Since I couldn’t make hats, I was just going to make short scarves out of all of the skeins of yarn. Now that someone has contacted me about making hats, I have decided to purchase only black or grey yarn for the hats. Black and grey will match any color of scarf, and the dark colors hold in the heat better.

Another great announcement. The other day when I had to go for some blood tests, I found out that one of the check in receptionists has so many hats  that she has already made, that she doesn’t know what to do with them. She likes making multi color hats in her spare time. Once she found out that I make scarves, she told me that she will donate all of her extra hats to me so I can deliver them with the scarves.

It is so exciting that things are finally beginning to come together for the homeless people to be a little bit warmer than what they have been. It has taken a year, but it is finally happening, and that’s all that matters. My God sure is an awesome God.

Next year is shaping up to be a great year for MammaHen Foundation and what we are going to try to do for the homeless. Pleas continue to pray for a favorable outcome, and for more people to volunteer to get involved with this project. Thank you in advance for for your prayers and help if any of you want to volunteer to help with making scarves, hats or mittens. So far, I have not found anybody that can make mittens.

Until next time, be safe and have a wonderful New Year.


Update On December 26, 2017 Scarf Distribution – December 27, 2017

The temperature today was even lower than what the temperature was last night when we tried to hand out the scarves. My friend and I made the decision not to go out today, but to wait until the weather gets a little bit warmer. There are announcements from shelters that they are open to anybody that needs to get in out of the cold, and apparently the homeless are heeding the announcements.

We will let you know when we do distribute the scarves. In the meantime, I will continue to crochet on more scarves. Today, I have continued to crochet on the Claret scarf. Hopefully I will be able to finish it tomorrow or the next day. This last month I have concentrated on crocheting as many scarves as I could, so that I would have as many scarves as possible, before when we went to deliver them. My shoulders are hurting so bad that the crocheting is going very slowly. However, I am sticking with it, because like I have said before, I am not a quitter.

I hope every one of my readers and followers had a very good holiday season. I will let you know tomorrow if we try again to distribute the scarves. It all depends on how much it warms up, and whether or not we think that there will be any homeless outside.

A Post Of Thanks And Gratitude – December 26, 2017

I have great news. After our sponsor made that post on Christmas Eve, and it showed up on Christmas day, about my dedication to the “Scarves For The Homeless” project, on his own website, I have started receiving donations to my PayPal. When I went to my email for and saw it, I couldn’t help but to cry. Every time a donation is made to a website through PayPal, PayPal sends an email to the website email. My website email is Ever since I started this website, the only emails I got were spam. That being the case, I stopped checking it every day and only checked it once or twice a week. I hadn’t checked it since last Thursday. From around 4:00 PM Friday until around 2:00 AM Saturday, I was in the ER, Sunday was Christmas Eve, and Monday was Christmas day.

My first donation came from a nurse at the hospital, the same night that I was there, in the ER, Friday the 22nd. I could hardly believe that a donation had been made before I even left the hospital on Saturday the 23rd. And it’s my biggest donation to date.

Many of the doctors and nurses saw me crocheting the whole time that I was there. I actually got a foot and a half of a four foot scarf done while I was there. Apparently the story about me started circulating around the hospital, right after I was put into a room, and the doctors and nurses saw me crocheting and asked what I was crocheting. I told anybody that asked me, about what I was doing, about the “Scarves For The Homeless”  project through the MammaHen Foundation.

I received three other donations from people that either heard about me or read the post from our sponsor.

I have some great news though. I have found someone that is willing to knit hats to match the scarves. Since I have 3 skeins of each of 5 colors, and  2 skeins of a sixth color, I gave he the other skein of the color that had only 2 skeins. That is the Cherry color. She is going to see how many hats she can make out of that one skein. Once we find out how many hats one small skein will make, we will know how to efficiently plan out our colors from here on out. Say the skein will make 2 hats, I will have to make sure I have 3 skeins of yarn of whatever color I buy. With the Cherry skein that’s left, we will just have to make what we can make, and maybe I will be able to find a red that is close to the Cherry color to make however many scarves I need to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the yarn that the Sunday School gave me. Whenever there is a donation of yarn, I will make however many scarves and/or hats I can. After talking it over with my friend, he told me that I should buy black or grey yarn to make hats for whatever colors I can’t match the scarves that have already been made. I think that’s a great idea, because black and grey will go with anything. But in the future, whenever I buy yarn, I will buy enough skeins of each color to make scarves and hats to match without having a lot of left over yarn. With whatever yarn is left over, I will do what I did this year, make multi colored scarves, and now hats too.

After we finish with the small skeins, we will go back to the regular size skeins and see how many hats a regular skein of yarn will make. If a regular skein will make 3 or 4 hats, then I will buy 4 or 5 skeins of each color of yarn when I buy it.


A Special Post From Our Sponsor – Staffords Enterprises, LLC

To my readers and followers, below you will find excerpts from a post, that our sponsor, Vladimir Stafford, the owner of Staffords Enterprises, LLC did on Christmas Eve. I was so surprised. It was so nice of him to do it.

It has been my pleasure to know Bonnie for many years. Right now I want to tell you about her dedication, but first I want you to see two pictures that will show you just how dedicated Bonnie is. This goes for whatever job she is doing. The first picture is of her when she was out in the workforce. She worked until she was deemed to be too disabled to work, because of her absences.

The absences were due to her many. Continue Reading….

Progress Update – December 25, 2017 (Updated Version)

I finished the Fern scarf yesterday, it was the 38th scarf. I have discovered that one of the smaller skeins of yarn will make a four foot scarf. The Fern scarf is a short scarf, as was the Cherry scarf. I was not able to post yesterday as I have been sick and was crocheting in bed. Also my phone would not sync to my cloud. My friend has set me up on another cloud, so things should be OK from here on out. Here is the picture:

  it is the actual color because my friend took it with his camera.

With having made the discovery about the smaller skeins of yarn, I have decided that I will make short scarves out of each skein of the yarn donated to me by the Sunday School class, instead of using two skeins and part of a third to make two usual length scarves.   That way I will be able to make 17 short scarves. If I use the three skeins for two scarves, I will have a lot of the third skein of yarn left over, but not enough to make much of anything else for the homeless. That being the case I would only be able to make 6 scarves with six partial skeins left over. It just makes more sense to me to make the short scarves, so more homeless people will be able to receive scarves. And besides that, I hate to waste so much of a third skein to make the regular length scarves,

I started on another scarf right after I finished the Fern one, an Aqua one. It will be number 39. I only have 18 inches left to finish it, and will be finished later today. Then I am going to try to finish another one before Tuesday night, when my friend and I are going to deliver the scarves. We were going to deliver them on Saturday, but between my being sick and it raining, we couldn’t do it. Both of us are in wheelchairs, and his is a power chair. If you are in the rain in a power chair, it could short it out and ruin it.

I will let you know if I succeed in finishing the one that I’m starting after I finish the Aqua one. Also, I will let you know how the delivering of the scarves tomorrow night goes.

Progress Update – December 23, 2017

I finished the Cherry scarf today. I would have finished it on Friday the 22nd, but I ended up in the ER. The picture is below:

  unlike my pictures, this one is true to color. My friend let me use his camera again, for some reason mine won’t upload to my cloud.

When I arrived at the ER, they thought I either had bronchitis or pneumonia. Since my chest was hurting every time I coughed (duh, whose chest doesn’t hurt when they are coughing like crazy?), they did an EKG on me. I have some heart issues and for some reason they felt that they had to rule out a heart attack, They asked me about the pain, and I specifically told them that it was no where near the pain that I have when I take the nitroglycerine. They did the EKG anyway. Needless to say I was shocked when they came to my room and had to do a second EKG, because there was something wrong with the first one. That was when I really got scared. I was concerned with whether or not I had pneumonia or bronchitis, I wasn’t scared about it. They also did heart enzyme blood tests and had to repeat them every three hours. I did question why they had to do an urine analysis though. They told me that an UTI could cause strange problems. After several hours at the hospital,  I was informed that all the tests came back negative except for the urine analysis. They also told me that since the chest x-ray did not show any pneumonia or bronchitis, I have a winter cold. They gave me a prescription for an antibiotic for the UTI. I was finally released and left the hospital around 2:00AM today. I sure am glad that that ordeal is over. I was upset that I wasn’t going to get to finish the Cherry scarf, but did think far enough in advance to take another skein of yarn with me to start on another scarf. The color for the next scarf is Fern green. Believe it or not, I crocheted 18 inches on the scarf. That’s a foot and a half. Now I only have to do 30 inches, or two and a half feet. I can’t decide which way sounds more impressive, the inches or the feet. At any rate I am well on my way with the next scarf. The picture is below:

Needless to say, as always I will post a picture when I am finished with the scarf.

Informative Post – December 11, 2017

I am close to finishing scarf number 35 and starting on scarf number 36. Once I finish those two scarves, I will start making scarves from the yarn that the bus driver, his wife, and their Sunday School class gave me.

I made up little notes to put in each scarf. A copy of one is below:

MammaHen Foundation

This item was made by MammaHen and friends,         

To help keep you warm,     

When you’re wrapped Within.

With Love,

MammaHen and Friends

I have already put the notes in each of the 34 scarves that are already finished, and I have packed the scarves in a big storage tub, that we are going to deliver them in the week of Christmas. I took a picture of the tub with the scarves in it, and you can see it below.

Believe it or not, but there are 34 scarves in this tub, and at least 2 more to come, and possible 1 or 2 more besides those 2. they are stacked two high and the bottom has 8 scarves in each of the three rows.

My friend has a power wheelchair and we are going to bungee it around his legs while we are taking it to deliver the scarves to the homeless people. We plan on delivering them the week of Christmas.



Description Of Little DIY Table That I Made

Back when I was in college, May 1993 until December 1999, I made a small 24 inch square table to do my homework on while in my lift-chair. The idea came to me when I found a nice sturdy piece of wood sitting by the dumpster at school. I inquired at the maintenance office as to whether or not the wood was actually being thrown away or if it just happened to be by the dumpster. They told me that it was indeed being thrown away and that I could take it if I wanted it. Obviously, I took it. I used it as the main support in the middle of the table. As I would be putting sort of heave books on the table, I needed something very sturdy, and that piece of wood was it. It’s the white piece that is off center.

The next place I went was to the Lowe’s Home Improvement Store near me. I needed a piece of wood that was bigger than the piece that I had brought home from school. They had many different sizes of “scrap” plywood. These were pieces that were left when a customer needed a piece of wood to be cut to a certain size and didn’t want to have to worry about taking the left over piece home. To my surprise, I found a piece that was 24 inches square and 3/8 inch thick. This was perfect for me to make a table top with. next I bought some 2×2 inch square pieces of wood that were 8 feet long. I had them cut onto 24 inch long pieces for the legs. To make the table be more portable, I also put wheels on it. You can see two of the 2X2 in legs in the second picture below.


Before actually putting the table together, I covered the piece of wood with wood grain looking contact paper. This was to prevent me from getting splinters in my fingers and hands from the edges of the table. I bought some very long screws to attach the top of the table to the legs. I put the two front legs back a little bit so that I could pull the table over my lap while I was in my chair. You can see that in the very first picture shown and in the second picture above, on the right hand side of the picture. I drilled holes in the bottom of the legs to be able to put the wheels on them. I used carpet casters so that the table would roll smoother. To be sure to get the center of the legs, I drew two lines that made an X, connecting top left corner to bottom right corner and top right corner to bottom left corner, and then drilled a hole in each of the four legs. After that, all I had to do to put the wheels on was to hammer them into the holes that I had just drilled. I was proud of myself for being able to make the table. As you can see, the legs are taped with black Gorilla tape. That’s because when I had to change out the wheels after one of them broke, the legs started cracking up from the wheels. I didn’t want them to crack all the way up, so I taped them to stop the crack from going any further up the legs.

My pride didn’t last too long. The first time a friend’s husband saw the table, he sort of laughed at it. He said that what I had done so far was correct, but that I wasn’t finished with it yet. He asked me if I minded him taking it home for a couple of days and then bringing it back when he was finished with it. I told him that he could take the table. When he brought it back to me, I was surprised at how much better it was. The table had small finishing boards that looked like really skinny woodwork boards around the four sides of it, and little triangular pieces in all of the corners where the legs joined the table. These were to stabilize the legs so that they wouldn’t get wobbly. It looked so much better, I almost cried. I had to give hum a hug and thank him vehemently for how much better he had made the table be. The little table ended up being my dining table as well as my study table, and now it is serving as my crocheting table. Needless to say, this is one of my better DIY projects after my friend’s husband finished with it.


I need to put some new contact paper on it because the old contact paper is starting to come off in spots. I had to replace the wheels a few months ago because the old ones started coming out whenever I rolled it from room to room and over a bump. This was true especially where the little piece of metal is at the end of carpeting going into a room with a tiled floor.

I took a picture of the little table I made. Hopefully, you can see the little black lines on the right side of the table. I marked the table, with a permanent black Sharpe, every inch up to one foot. Doing this helps me to know how much area I have done on each scarf. Every time I crochet a foot on the scarf, I mark it with a large safety pen. This process makes it easier for me to know how close I am to the five foot mark on the scarf. I try to make each scarf be 7 inches wide, and 60 inches long.

These are the measurements that the Red Scarf Project uses to have people crochet red scarves for children that are in Foster Care when they go off to college. Their project is called, “Red Scarf Project – Foster Care to Success”. I crocheted a scarf for them, and that was what got me started on crocheting scarves for the homeless.

Sorry for going off on a tangent, but I just thought that every once in a while you might like to read about something else besides the scarves that I have made, and see pictures of other things too, such as the table I made, and received help to finish it up properly. Hope you enjoyed reading about it and seeing the pictures. If you have any questions, please let me know. You can contact me by email at If there are ony pictures you would like a close up of, let me know what picture you want me to take and I will take it and post it ASAP for you.

Crocheting Of Scarves To Start Back Up on October 5, 2017

As I have just completed crocheting the items that are going to be sold for donation amounts, I will once again be crocheting scarves. This will start on October 5, 2017. I hope to have between 40 and 50 scarves to hand out this year. At the current time I have 22 scarves already finished. I am hoping to hand them out on Thanksgiving Day.

It all depends on when I will have my rotator cuff surgery, and how long the recuperation time will be. Both of my rotator cuffs are torn and need to have surgery on them. I have been working through the pain, but they are starting to lock up on me. That being the case, I don’ think that I can put it off much longer.

I have not had anybody contact me about helping me with this project. I was hoping that I would have at least a few people respond to it and help me with the project. I am a little bit sad that nobody responded to my post about helping. I don’t know how to do hats or mittens, and I was hoping that there would be some people that wanted to make hats at least. That would have enabled me to hand out hats with the scarves.

The first scarf that I am going to do is shocking pink. As usual, I will post a picture when I am finished with it.