Update On December 7, 2017 Post

Unfortunately, the bus driver forgot to bring the yarn with him yesterday. He called me and made arrangements to bring the yarn to my house on his way to work this afternoon.

The bus driver just delivered the yarn to me. I am so blessed by what he, his wife and his Sunday School Class has given me. As the quote goes, “God does work in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.”, and in this case, that is so true. I was on my last 2 skeins of yarn to make scarves, and this blessing has given me 17 skeins of yarn. They gave me 3 skeins each of 5 different colors, and 2 skeins of a 6th color. He told me that the multiple skeins of each color is so that I can make a scarf and a hat of each one. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make hats, so I will be making two scarves of each color. These skeins are smaller than the ones that I usually purchase, so it will take one complete skein and part of a second skein to make each scarf. I may end up with one regular size scarf and one smaller scarf from each color. I won’t know until I actually make the scarves out of this yarn.

Now I am anxious to finish the last two scarves that I was going to be able to make and start on the scarves that this new yarn will make. I am hoping that I will be able to make two full length scarves with each color, except for the color that has only two skeins of yarn instead of three. I know that it will make one scarf and have some left over. I will see how far I can crochet with the second skein. Luck may be on my side and I will be able to make a short scarf that possibly a child can use. Only time will tell.

I took a picture of the bag that the yarn came in because what it says is so true, and I wanted to share it. Me making these scarves is indeed a “Dream is a wish that the Heart makes.” I dreamed about making the scarves and then wished that I would be able to find a way to do it, and my wish from my heart came true.

The pictures of the bag the yarn came in and the yarn, (in a tub for safe keeping) that the bus driver, his wife, and his Sunday School Class gave me, are below:


Now I can hardly wait to finish with my other yarn and get started on this yarn. My God is so awesome!


Description Of Little DIY Table That I Made

Back when I was in college, May 1993 until December 1999, I made a small 24 inch square table to do my homework on while in my lift-chair. The idea came to me when I found a nice sturdy piece of wood sitting by the dumpster at school. I inquired at the maintenance office as to whether or not the wood was actually being thrown away or if it just happened to be by the dumpster. They told me that it was indeed being thrown away and that I could take it if I wanted it. Obviously, I took it. I used it as the main support in the middle of the table. As I would be putting sort of heave books on the table, I needed something very sturdy, and that piece of wood was it. It’s the white piece that is off center.

The next place I went was to the Lowe’s Home Improvement Store near me. I needed a piece of wood that was bigger than the piece that I had brought home from school. They had many different sizes of “scrap” plywood. These were pieces that were left when a customer needed a piece of wood to be cut to a certain size and didn’t want to have to worry about taking the left over piece home. To my surprise, I found a piece that was 24 inches square and 3/8 inch thick. This was perfect for me to make a table top with. next I bought some 2×2 inch square pieces of wood that were 8 feet long. I had them cut onto 24 inch long pieces for the legs. To make the table be more portable, I also put wheels on it. You can see two of the 2X2 in legs in the second picture below.


Before actually putting the table together, I covered the piece of wood with wood grain looking contact paper. This was to prevent me from getting splinters in my fingers and hands from the edges of the table. I bought some very long screws to attach the top of the table to the legs. I put the two front legs back a little bit so that I could pull the table over my lap while I was in my chair. You can see that in the very first picture shown and in the second picture above, on the right hand side of the picture. I drilled holes in the bottom of the legs to be able to put the wheels on them. I used carpet casters so that the table would roll smoother. To be sure to get the center of the legs, I drew two lines that made an X, connecting top left corner to bottom right corner and top right corner to bottom left corner, and then drilled a hole in each of the four legs. After that, all I had to do to put the wheels on was to hammer them into the holes that I had just drilled. I was proud of myself for being able to make the table. As you can see, the legs are taped with black Gorilla tape. That’s because when I had to change out the wheels after one of them broke, the legs started cracking up from the wheels. I didn’t want them to crack all the way up, so I taped them to stop the crack from going any further up the legs.

My pride didn’t last too long. The first time a friend’s husband saw the table, he sort of laughed at it. He said that what I had done so far was correct, but that I wasn’t finished with it yet. He asked me if I minded him taking it home for a couple of days and then bringing it back when he was finished with it. I told him that he could take the table. When he brought it back to me, I was surprised at how much better it was. The table had small finishing boards that looked like really skinny woodwork boards around the four sides of it, and little triangular pieces in all of the corners where the legs joined the table. These were to stabilize the legs so that they wouldn’t get wobbly. It looked so much better, I almost cried. I had to give hum a hug and thank him vehemently for how much better he had made the table be. The little table ended up being my dining table as well as my study table, and now it is serving as my crocheting table. Needless to say, this is one of my better DIY projects after my friend’s husband finished with it.


I need to put some new contact paper on it because the old contact paper is starting to come off in spots. I had to replace the wheels a few months ago because the old ones started coming out whenever I rolled it from room to room and over a bump. This was true especially where the little piece of metal is at the end of carpeting going into a room with a tiled floor.

I took a picture of the little table I made. Hopefully, you can see the little black lines on the right side of the table. I marked the table, with a permanent black Sharpe, every inch up to one foot. Doing this helps me to know how much area I have done on each scarf. Every time I crochet a foot on the scarf, I mark it with a large safety pen. This process makes it easier for me to know how close I am to the five foot mark on the scarf. I try to make each scarf be 7 inches wide, and 60 inches long.

These are the measurements that the Red Scarf Project uses to have people crochet red scarves for children that are in Foster Care when they go off to college. Their project is called, “Red Scarf Project – Foster Care to Success”. I crocheted a scarf for them, and that was what got me started on crocheting scarves for the homeless.

Sorry for going off on a tangent, but I just thought that every once in a while you might like to read about something else besides the scarves that I have made, and see pictures of other things too, such as the table I made, and received help to finish it up properly. Hope you enjoyed reading about it and seeing the pictures. If you have any questions, please let me know. You can contact me by email at Bonnie@mammahen.org. If there are ony pictures you would like a close up of, let me know what picture you want me to take and I will take it and post it ASAP for you.

My Crochet Table And Work Space

Back when I was in college, I made myself a small study table. I sat at the table in my lift-chair every night to study. The table has been in my storage unit since I finished college. Well, I got to thinking about the table and how handy it could be for many things. The table has carpet caster rollers on it, so I could roll it anyplace in my apartment that I needed it. That being the case, I brought it home from the storage unit the last part of June last year. I had to get my big suitcases out for a trip that I was going on, so I decided to go ahead and bring the table home too. I have used the table for many things since then, but have found it to be the most useful as a crochet table. It is just the perfect height to eliminate most of the strain on my arms and on my back.

Before I brought the table home, it took me from 7-10 days to crochet a scarf. Now with the table, I can make one in 2-4 days, usually 3 days. I would have to say that is quite a big improvement in the amount of time necessary to make a scarf. Using the table will obviously be done as much as possible. About the only time that I won’t be able to use the table is when I have taken my crochet with me to take full advantage of my waiting time in doctor’s offices.

Here is a picture of the crochet table:

Now to explain what is on the table. In the back right you can see a sort of tall plastic container. This container acts as my little trash can for the small pieces of yarn that I have to cut off, both when I first start a scarf or any other crocheted item, and when I finish the item off. The container comes with Walmart’s Great Value brand drink mixes in it.

I use the lid as a little tray to hold my safety pins and my finishing needle. The finishing needle has an extra big opening that the yarn will fit through so that it can be fed back through the item so that the item won’t come undone.


You can also see a small pair of scissors, and a push button winding tape measure. Most scarves are 60 inches (five feet) long and 6 to 8 inches wide. I try to make mine 7 inches wide. To help me know how long the scarf is, I use a safety pin to mark every 12 inches so that I won’t end up with a scarf that is too short or too long.


I just thought that you might enjoy seeing my supplies, in case you are not a person that does things with your hands and yarn and such.