Informative Post – February 14, 2018

I saw my Primary Care yesterday for my pre-surgery work-up. First thing they did was to take my blood pressure and temperature and get my weight. My blood pressure was 191/100 pulse 62  temp 97.9  and weight 235. I gained 3 pounds in 6 days. My feet have been really swollen. They have been so big I could hardly get them in my shoes.

After the usual stuff they did an EKG and ran it twice. Next an intern came in and talked to me and then the doctor came in. She told me that my blood pressure is off the charts. I had a sheet with my blood pressure for the last few days that I gave her. When I asked about clearing me for surgery, she told me that they had to run some blood tests and that I had to see a cardiologist before she would clear me. If the blood tests come back OK, and the cardiologist clears me, then I go back to the orthopedic surgeon to get the actual date for my surgery.

My shoulders are hurting so bad that I can hardly do any crochet. I do a few rows and I have to quit. But eventually I will get the Grey scarf finished. When I do I will surely let you know and post a picture of it like I always do.

Also, I will keep you updated like I always do. Please keep praying for me, or at least have good thoughts about me coming through the surgery with flying colors and having a shorter recovery time than what the doctors say it will be. I want to show them and everybody else that your frame of mind has a lot to do with how long your recovery takes and how well you do.