Progress Update – December 25, 2017 (Updated Version)

I finished the Fern scarf yesterday, it was the 38th scarf. I have discovered that one of the smaller skeins of yarn will make a four foot scarf. The Fern scarf is a short scarf, as was the Cherry scarf. I was not able to post yesterday as I have been sick and was crocheting in bed. Also my phone would not sync to my cloud. My friend has set me up on another cloud, so things should be OK from here on out. Here is the picture:

  it is the actual color because my friend took it with his camera.

With having made the discovery about the smaller skeins of yarn, I have decided that I will make short scarves out of each skein of the yarn donated to me by the Sunday School class, instead of using two skeins and part of a third to make two usual length scarves.   That way I will be able to make 17 short scarves. If I use the three skeins for two scarves, I will have a lot of the third skein of yarn left over, but not enough to make much of anything else for the homeless. That being the case I would only be able to make 6 scarves with six partial skeins left over. It just makes more sense to me to make the short scarves, so more homeless people will be able to receive scarves. And besides that, I hate to waste so much of a third skein to make the regular length scarves,

I started on another scarf right after I finished the Fern one, an Aqua one. It will be number 39. I only have 18 inches left to finish it, and will be finished later today. Then I am going to try to finish another one before Tuesday night, when my friend and I are going to deliver the scarves. We were going to deliver them on Saturday, but between my being sick and it raining, we couldn’t do it. Both of us are in wheelchairs, and his is a power chair. If you are in the rain in a power chair, it could short it out and ruin it.

I will let you know if I succeed in finishing the one that I’m starting after I finish the Aqua one. Also, I will let you know how the delivering of the scarves tomorrow night goes.