Progress Update – November 17, 2017

I finally finished the Delft Blue scarf, but will have to post the picture tomorrow. Right after I took the picture, my phone ran out of charge and won’t upload the picture to the internet.

I do have some news though. As it is now getting cold where I am, I was starting to hand out the few scarves that I made for friends out of the left over yarn from the scarves that I had finished making. From the first person that I tried to give the scarf to up to the last one, they all told me to add them to the scarves that I had made for the homeless. So now, instead of having 26 scarves I have 30 scarves for the homeless. There is only one that is a solid color, and that is one that I made for a friend last year after I handed out the seven that I made last year.

The pictures of the scarves that I made from the left over yarn are below:

  this one is the multicolored one from all of the yarn that didn’t fit into a pattern like the blues and greens did.

  this one is the one of the greens. I know that it looks like there is a blue in it, but my phone does not do very well on some colors. The part that looks blue is actually a Teal that looked more green, at the time, to me.

  this is the one of the blues, and again it looks like there is a green in this one, but it’s my phone not taking pictures of colors that are true . The part that looks green is actually Teal Blue.

So these are the three that were made from the left over yarn. The one that is solid is dark purple. A picture is below:

I am still going to make more scarves up until I actually hand them out at Christmas. I can’t imagine that the homeless people get very many presents then, so this will be at least one present that a few will get. I will keep you updated.